Ignasi Rifé

Technology Consultant, Web Developer, Mobile Application, 360º Virtual Reality, E-commerce, Arduino & NFC Experiments

shall we have a coffee? ignasi@rife.cat

in Barcelona or Empordà, I invite

last projects

Website for European Museum of Modern Art, in Barcelona
Concept & Development of Born Fruits Online Shop
IT platform of the La Rosa Salvavides Donations Campaign
Site for the documentary film Socotra, the Island of Djinns
Partner in 360graus.cat Virtual Reality & 360º Services
Concept & Development of Bella Lola Bikinis Online Shop
Figurativas en Red Virtual Gallery of Figurative Art
Educational Apps for Schools Discovering Sagrada Família
[ut] Essencial Empordà Guia Hybrid Mobile App
Interactive for Multitouch Table in Dinosfera Museum
Rellotge Català in Android. More than 10.000 downloads!